The Inventor Award

Dave and Ann Braun created an award for student inventors enrolled in the College of Engineering involved with the development of new technologies and products. 

When Dave Braun was a graduate student in mechanical engineering at K-State, he developed an omni-directional radiometer to measure the mean radiant temperature of enclosed spaces, and designed a small machine that would climb a steel surface and measure its thickness.

“At that time there were no emphases on student patents, but this work prepared me to become an inventor in my later career,” Dave said.

Due to his own experience, Dave and his wife, Ann, decided to create an inventor award for students enrolled in the College of Engineering who are involved in the development of new technologies and products with a potential for commercial application.

“We hope this award will cause students to learn about creativity, innovation, inventions and patents, and we want to reward outstanding new inventors in the student body,” Ann said. “Especially those who are willing to work diligently to bring their ideas to life.”

The Brauns were also inspired to create this award for student inventors after reflecting on the importance of encouraging creative students to invent.

“Our country has a great legacy as a technological leader,” Dave said. “It is the youth of America who will continue this by creating exciting new technologies, products and even new industries that disrupt and replace current businesses.”

The award will be given to either a graduate or undergraduate student and will be given as often as once per academic year.

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