Creating a brighter future

Tom and Vera Hintz create a scholarship and demonstrate their passion for helping students.

Earning an education provides necessary tools for creating a brighter future. For Tom and Vera Hintz, establishing a scholarship was one of many ways to lead K-State students toward the road to success.

“Helping students to help themselves finish their education motivated us to establish the Tom and Vera Hintz Family Scholarship in accounting or entrepreneurship for juniors and seniors,” Tom said.

Tom and Vera share a background in entrepreneurship. Tom is currently a senior partner in the CPA firm of Varney and Associates, while Vera owned and operated two retail kitchen stores for 11 years.

The Hintz family has a history of creating scholarships at K-State. In 2016, Tom’s cousins established the Bill and Bernie Hintz Family Scholarship to honor their parents. Following in the family’s footsteps, Tom and Vera were inspired to establish a scholarship of their own.

“College costs have accelerated, and an extra boost from the scholarship would enable recipients to finish college timely and affordably,” Tom said.

During their time in college, Tom and Vera worked part time and were responsible for paying half of their education, while the other half was paid by their parents. Tom and Vera wanted to continue demonstrating the work ethic they acquired while earning an education. They carried this tradition and applied these core values when it concerned their children’s education. Their children, Brett, Eric and Jennifer, are proud and successful K-State graduates.

Tom and Vera share a passion for helping students realize their dreams. The Tom and Vera Hintz Family Scholarship was not only established in hopes of assisting students financially, but also intended to encourage students to achieve their future career goals.

“We both have a passion to help young people — our involvement in the community as coaches, members of service clubs, and nonprofits has been very youth oriented,” Tom said. “Providing a scholarship for future K-State students gives us an opportunity to help young people.”

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