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Mia Wells

Scholarships make a K-State education more attainable for students who show promise and drive. With our match program, families like yours can turn dreams into reality for generations of Wildcats. The world needs more students like this.

What I’ve learned

About leadership

“Being a leader is about your willingness to learn and listen in order to transform something.”

About coexistence

“It’s not about comparing cultures but finding aspects of cultures that mutually benefit one another.”

About surviving on a student budget

“Don’t live within walking distance from Starbucks. Your wallet will thank you.”

Q & A

How has this scholarship brought you closer to your career aspirations?

“My dream is to run a nonprofit for adults with profound special needs. This funding allowed me to focus less on work and take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as serving three weeks at a nonprofit for children with special needs in Guatemala. The experience brought me closer to reaching my full potential — and my nonprofit dream.”

What surprising talent did you discover while studying at K-State?

“As a learning assistant with K-State First and the Academic Achievement Center, I’ve learned that not only do I love building relationships with my students, but that I have a talent for finding their strengths. Whether they’re struggling academically, socially or emotionally, I’ve helped them discover their potential and find their place at K-State.”

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a freshman?

“That change is uncomfortable. But when you come out on the other side, you’re a stronger leader, learner and overall person. Becoming comfortable in a position is a signal that you need to leave your comfort zone again, whatever that looks like.” 

Mia Wells, senior in education studies from Batavia, Illinois, received the Mistler Family Scholarship through the K-State Family Scholarship match.

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Double your impact with a Vanier family scholarship match.

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