Donors remain loyal to Kansas State University, gifting $177.4M in FY20

Donations to Kansas State University reached more than $177.4 million in private gifts through the Kansas State University Foundation and the value of the long-term investment pool hit an all-time high of $628.7 million as of June 30, 2020.

“This was a fundraising year like no other,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of the KSU Foundation. “Even during a pandemic, it’s clear that the extraordinary commitment of our donors is steadfast. We at the KSU Foundation are proud to work with such generous donors to boldly advance the K-State family.”

In fiscal year 2020, donors gave $128.5 million to academic purposes, such as support for students, faculty and academic programs. Donors also gave $45.8 million to K-State Athletics and the Ahearn Fund and $2.9 million to the K-State Alumni Association. These dollars raised include current gifts, as well as pledges and planned gifts commitments, which will be realized in years to come.

 “The generosity of K-State’s alumni and friends is remarkable,” K-State President Richard Myers said. “Now more than ever, private gifts are central to the success of K-State students, faculty and programs. It is an honor to thank all of our donors who supported K-State so generously this year and every year.”

Other key achievements for the 2020 fiscal year included:

  • Donors established 162 new scholarships to address student need.
  • A total of $53 million was raised for scholarships and student success overall, up from $47.7 million from the previous year.
  • A record 41 gifts and commitments of $1 million or more were made.
  • Gift commitments through estate planning, including wills, trusts and annuities, reached $81 million.
  • Fundraising for the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign concluded with $1.6 billion in private funds given since the campaign began in 2010. The campaign, which surpassed its original $1 billion goal in April 2017 and exceeded its extended goal of $1.4 billion in May 2019, is the most successful fundraising effort in K-State history.

“The Innovation and Inspiration Campaign allowed us to dream big and achieve a goal that will benefit all K-State students for years to come,” said Carl Ice, chairman of the KSU Foundation Board of Directors. “The $1.6 billion raised is a clear statement of support for K-State and its future. It’s truly inspirational to see what the K-State family can accomplish together.”

Giving totals for Kansas counties in fiscal year 2020, including number of donors and amount by county are:

CountyNumber of donorsAmount
Allen                                  76$17,078.33
Anderson                               61$16,010.00
Atchison                               114$38,968.80
Barber                                 53$16,724.00
Barton                                 325$590,091.93
Bourbon                                48$110,845.53
Brown                                  173$347,039.10
Butler                                 516$657,967.95
Chase                                  43$10,130.00
Chautauqua                             11$1,615.00
Cherokee                               32$2,444.00
Cheyenne                               31$9,455.00
Clark                                  39$95,991.00
Clay                                   209$71,922.49
Cloud                                  156$659,778.89
Coffey                                 88$74,099.12
Comanche                               20$2,960.00
Cowley                                 178$114,035.00
Crawford                               122$40,592.50
Decatur                                33$8,399.00
Dickinson                              358$201,667.98
Doniphan                               93$100,854.20
Douglas                                572$715,975.95
Edwards                                 40$26,935.00
Elk                                    21$5,940.00
Ellis                                  231$124,638.36
Ellsworth                              84$67,308.61
Finney                                 355$11,298,420.67
Ford                                   309$132,329.00
Franklin                               188$37,832.00
Geary                                  334$150,255.47
Gove                                   39$29,847.50
Graham                                 17$11,455.00
Grant                                  55$8,030.66
Gray                                   93$101,061.00
Greeley                                21$13,099.68
Greenwood                              78$16,383.00
Hamilton                               23$8,550.00
Harper                                 47$8,109.00
Harvey                                 290$440,629.72
Haskell                                45$11,502.50
Hodgeman                               22$8,965.00
Jackson                                 140$36,599.32
Jefferson                              139$92,736.00
Jewell                                 55$10,726.00
Johnson                                6413$8,759,095.99
Kearny                                 39$42,322.00
Kingman                                77$25,104.18
Kiowa                                  29$23,880.00
Labette                                74$22,268.00
Lane                                   31$18,445.00
Leavenworth                            384$116,359.30
Lincoln                                45$10,834.00
Linn                                   31$6,690.00
Logan                                  48$66,443.16
Lyon                                   203$3,123,383.18
Marion                                 130$31,742.00
Marshall                               253$560,446.31
McPherson                              399$288,538.32
Meade                                  47$5,790.00
Miami                                  278$116,063.50
Mitchell                               168$179,106.00
Montgomery                             178$44,230.00
Morris                                 134$110,123.00
Morton                                 15$985.00
Nemaha                                 246$1,292,176.89
Neosho                                  87$85,715.00
Ness                                   57$75,161.50
Norton                                 44$141,756.86
Osage                                  138$43,151.06
Osborne                                59$51,671.33
Ottawa                                 89$44,922.71
Pawnee                                 81$70,829.00
Phillips                               73$953,734.96
Pottawatomie                           1012$454,719.56
Pratt                                  144$1,726,913.69
Rawlins                                43$10,934.00
Reno                                   513$1,418,653.61
Republic                               120$59,212.00
Rice                                   95$57,027.00
Riley                                  5594$28,988,614.02
Rooks                                  52$16,628.30
Rush                                   38$8,370.50
Russell                                76$227,124.15
Saline                                 893$10,434,565.00
Scott                                   91$662,833.73
Sedgwick                               3051$3,573,764.96
Seward                                 47$10,760.50
Shawnee                                2010$2,603,346.48
Sheridan                               32$16,545.00
Sherman                                54$11,982.00
Smith                                  46$12,125.00
Stafford                               61$10,355.00
Stanton                                27$7,906.00
Stevens                                34$3,873.00
Sumner                                 147$66,693.94
Thomas                                 108$115,656.04
Trego                                  29$59,245.10
Wabaunsee                              167$52,079.02
Wallace                                31$3,355.00
Washington                             147$61,824.50
Wichita                                33$5,427.50
Wilson                                 38$1,659,570.00
Woodson                                16$83,547.69
Wyandotte                              392$309,898.80

As Kansas State University’s strategic partner for philanthropy, the KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance K-State family. Visit for more information.

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