KSU Foundation and AIB Int’l announce Edge District partnership

KSU Foundation and AIB International announce their partnership to support Kansas State University research in the Edge Collaboration District at K-State.

AIB International is responding to industry changes and shifting their approach to training in the areas of food safety and quality management to align with best practices. This strategic response includes sale of their administrative building to KSU Foundation and frees AIB International’s resources for future business development. KSU Foundation’s purchase of this property ensures that the Kansas State University campus is surrounded with supportive partners including alumni, corporations, technical suppliers, researchers and others working to advance the university’s land-grant mission.

 “As we now position AIB International for decades to come, we have shifted our business model by taking our expertise to customers, either in person or through virtual platforms. While we will continue to occupy and work from the Manhattan headquarters, our pivot makes it less important to own the type of real estate we have had in the past. This sale to the Foundation will help us evolve to meet these global needs,” said Andre Biane, president and CEO of AIB International.

When determining the long-term home for AIB International, the Edge Collaboration District at K-State provided the optimal solution for them to engage with district partners especially related to their core focus of food safety.

“We are looking to evolve and deepen the College’s collaborations with AIB International. Our students can benefit, and our faculty can contribute by partnering to advance research-based, cutting-edge training in food safety and food industry best practices. These experiences contribute important skills to students’ professional toolboxes before graduation,” said Ernie Minton, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension. “This partnership will help prepare students in our college to think critically and lead the future of agriculture in Kansas and beyond.” 

AIB International’s collaboration with the university in the Edge Collaboration District will enhance the work of industry partners already in the district.

“This is an important time for Kansas wheat, and AIB International’s involvement in the Edge District will connect their expertise and global perspective to the market’s conversation about Kansas’ quality wheat,” said Justin Gilpin, CEO of Kansas Wheat. “Kansas Wheat is looking forward to finding ways to work together with AIB International and leverage our resources to benefit Kansas farmers and K-State.”

As a university partner in the Edge Collaboration District, AIB International will continue to be an integral partner with Kansas State University and the local community.

 “KSU Foundation stands ready to provide unique real estate solutions like this for our partners that strengthen Kansas State University in the more than 120 acres of the Edge Collaboration District.” said Greg Lohrentz, senior vice president of operations and finance of the KSU Foundation. “KSU Foundation’s purchase of the AIB International property increases future partnership opportunities in the Edge Collaboration District.”

As Kansas State University’s strategic partner for philanthropy, the KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance K-State family. Visit www.ksufoundation.org for more information.

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