Invest in the College of Education

Invest in tomorrow’s teachers — classroom changemakers who will instruct and mentor our children and future leaders.

education students

The future of education

We all have a teacher who inspired us, made us feel seen and cared for. K-State students are mentoring today’s youth using inclusive and innovative methods to educate and nurture society’s most valuable asset: children.

The power of representation

Role models. Our future teachers represent the diversity of K-12 students in Kansas and the country. Our focus on inclusion, rural education and innovative instruction ensures that all young students receive a high-quality education from someone who they identify with.

education students
Supporting the College of Education helps create the next generation of life-changing educators.

We make learning fun! Our students know how to engage kids and help them achieve. We focus on ensuring all have access to education and feel represented.

Investment from donors delivers the resources our future teachers need to gain hands-on experience and opens access to technologies that shape the classroom leaders they will be.

You can make a difference by investing in:

  • Facilities and technology necessary to provide students the tools and opportunities to advance their education
  • Faculty scholars who train the next generation of education leaders and model effective practices
  • Scholarship support to keep these vital fields accessible to people from all backgrounds
  • Student learning, field experiences, support programs and career advising that make our grads the best they can be

Supporting tomorrow’s students today

For Joel Marker, the many hours he put into his K-State education have prepared him to teach students of his own. As a final preparation before he graduates, Marker has the opportunity to student teach in both a first grade and special education classroom. Scholarships ensure he can focus on his student teaching and not worry about finances.

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