A Matter of Pride

K-State Proud participants twice as likely to give to the university after graduation

Since its inception 11 years ago, Student Foundation’s K-State Proud campaign has always made a difference. But their “students helping students” motto is only half the story. An analysis into the giving habits of students-turned-donors reveals that those who participated in the student-led campaign are twice as likely to give as alumni than their non-Proud counterparts.

K-State Proud is the main way Student Foundation works to inspire philanthropy among students. Proceeds from this campaign go toward Student Opportunity Awards, funds allocated to students who have exhausted all other forms of financial support they need to stay in school. Over the past 10 years, Student Foundation has raised more than $1 million to help more than 550 students continue their studies at K-State.

“Working with the Proud campaign taught me that it doesn’t take a huge, sweeping donation to make change, just focused, passionate action that inspires people to come together,” said Ellen Collingwood ’15.

Student Foundation, through the Proud campaign and other activities, not only instills a sense of passion within its members, it instills an appreciation of philanthropic giving that lasts throughout their college years and beyond. Alumni still make it a priority to dedicate their time, gifts and energy to the K-State family years after they graduate.

“In the almost three years since I graduated, I have continued to look for ways to use my financial giving to impact K-State students and their experiences at the university,” said Carolyn Gatewood ’14. “As a public school teacher, I am not yet at liberty to give at the level I desire. The sense of philanthropy that was cultivated within me at K-State and through the Proud campaign has continued to inspire me to give what I can, with what I have.”

Early on, Student Foundation members are asked to envision how they want to give back to the university after graduation. Students network with established alumni and learn their impact does not have to end when they no longer work on the Proud campaign and after they leave the university. These young K-State Proud alumni have seen how their gifts create change.

“Working alongside established alumni during my time in Student Foundation planted a seed that pushes me to excel in my career in hopes of one day being able to make an impact as they have,” Collingwood said. A culture of philanthropy is growing among students at K-State due to the work of Student Foundation. The organization serves as the student arm of the KSU Foundation in efforts to engage current students across the university. Through these efforts, Student Foundation members cultivate a passion for philanthropic giving, which stays with them long after they graduate.

To support K-State Proud, you can make an online gift or contact Sara Prince at 785-775-2093 or sarap@ksufoundation.org.

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