Expanding horizons

K-State’s Education Abroad program gives students the chance to learn and see the world.

South America, Europe, Africa. These are some of the amazing places students can travel to while expanding their academic experience thanks to K-State’s Education Abroad program. With multiple program options and a variety of opportunities, K-State’s Education Abroad program sets itself apart by putting students’ personal and professional growth at the forefront of the program.

“The Education Abroad program allows students to step out of their comfort zone, learn how to deal with uncertainty, navigate cultural differences, and interact with people different from themselves,” said Joe Milostan, director of Education Abroad. “While abroad, students will encounter obstacles that encourage them to engage in creative problem solving. These skills will help them grow on a personal level, and they also will help them in their professional careers because these skills are the same skills that employers value in their employees. Developing these skills while on an Education Abroad program gives students an advantage when they enter the job market.”

Whether on a short-term, faculty-led program or an independent year-long journey of discovery, the student is the heart of the Education Abroad program at K-State. Because of this, it is vitally important to make the program as accessible to all K-State students as possible. 

“Education Abroad programs are offered to every major at K-State and on every continent except Antarctica,” Joe said. “We want to make sure students with all types of academic and personal goals can benefit from their Education Abroad, so we offer a variety of focused program options including study, internship, volunteer and service programs.”

The Education Abroad program would not be the success it is without the philanthropic support it receives from generous donors like you. “Philanthropy and scholarships provide tremendous support for students and are effective in allowing all K-State students to participate in these international opportunities,” Joe said.

Students can now once again participate in the Education Abroad program after the program was halted due to COVID-19. To support Education Abroad visit givecampus.com/campaigns/24026/donations/new.

By James Dalton Burton

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