Good Word: Making K-State history

Carl and Mary Ice honored with naming of college 

“To have their name on that sign makes one so proud; they’re one of us. They’ve come from relatively humble beginnings. They’ve had success, and they’re willing to share their success with the K-State family. We can’t even estimate what kind of profound impact it’s going to have on K-State. It’s just tremendous.” — Richard Myers, president of Kansas State University

“When I think of the Ice name associated with the College of Engineering, I think certainly it’s his relationship with our institution academically and the engineering college, but more importantly, what he means to and how much he cares about K-State.” — Gene Taylor, director of K-State Athletics

“To have people like Carl and Mary who care so much; it’s just not about giving money to get your name on a building. It’s because they genuinely care. They want to help in any way they can, without ever asking for a single thing. It’s because they believe in Kansas State University. They believe in the people of Kansas State University. They have a great belief in the values that coincide with their values.” — Bill Snyder, former K-State head football coach

“The significance of naming the engineering school the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is the example Carl sets for all engineering students and all engineering graduates from this day forward. They should all aspire to be the type of leader and business person that Carl Ice is.” — Tom Hund, retired executive vice president and CFO, BNSF Railway

“Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many investments to advance and build the College of Engineering and Kansas State University. You’ll never know how proud we are to claim you as one of our own graduates.” — Bradley Kramer, head of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Read more about the impact of private philanthropy at Kansas State University in Good for K-State.

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