One cause. One day. All in for K-State

Wildcats come together to support one project, taking it from start to flourish

What can 1,436 K-Staters accomplish in one day? On March 27, Kansas State University decided to find out with its first day of giving, All In for K-State. In 24 hours, K-Staters gave $320,560 to help solve food insecurity at K-State.

Unlike giving days held by other universities, the KSU Foundation decided to focus on one project, taking it from start to flourish. In this inaugural year, Cats’ Cupboard was chosen as the first recipient of All In for K-State funds.

“We all have such strong ties to the university, and it’s within everyone’s nature to want to help,” said Eric Holderness, associate vice president of development. “There’s no other school that runs a giving day like this with a focus on one program.”

Cats’ Cupboard addresses food insecurity on campus, providing food, cooking equipment, personal necessities and other forms of assistance for students in need. The Campus Climate Assessment Project, sponsored by university administration, revealed that 14% of students indicated they had difficulty affording food. More than 57% of students who visited the Cats’ Cupboard food pantry in fall 2018 reported they had considered leaving K-State due to financial challenges. Cats’ Cupboard is vital to helping students successfully complete their education at K-State.

“To the donors who make Cats’ Cupboard possible, thank you!” said Nathan Astle, graduate student in family studies and human services. Nathan and his wife, Shelby, also a graduate student in family studies and human services, occasionally use this vital resource.

“Your donation really is a big deal, as it allows many of us to be able to go to school and succeed while not having to worry if we can afford groceries,” he said. “It also helps us feel confident that our needs are being met and that people like you are watching out for us. Once we finish our degrees, we hope to give back to future generations of students to help them just as you’re helping us!”

To learn more about Cats’ Cupboard and food insecurity at K-State, go to page 30.

Impact of All In for K-State

  • $320,560 raised in 24 hours
  • 1,436 donors made a gift
  • 115 first-time donors
  • Cats’ Cupboard donated $10,000 to Cats’ Corner, the food pantry at K-State Polytechnic.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity of our K-State family. The $10,000 you all are sharing with us from the ‘All in for K-State event’ will go a long way toward keeping our pantry shelves full. Since Polytechnic Cats’ Corner opened in August, we have served students, by providing food and clothing, just under 600 times. Additionally, in January and February, alone, we have distributed over 400 pounds of food and hygiene products. The services that Cats’ Corner provides to students keeps them in school.”

— RaeLynn Roe, Cats’ Corner manager and Julie Rowe, student activities coordinator

What students are saying

“Cats’ Cupboard really comes back to the K-State family. We’re always helping each other out, from money to something as simple as food.”

— Bryanna Cook, senior in agricultural communications and journalism

“K-State’s all about students helping students and being able to help you out. In order to attend college and be successful, you need something to fuel your brain. Cats’ Cupboard helps with all the different aspects that go into learning.”

— Johari Snell, sophomore in food science and industry

“Cats’ Cupboard has shown me how loving and caring the people of K-State are.”

— Frank Idan, Ph.D. student in grain science

“I appreciate Cats’ Cupboard addressing issues of financial vulnerability. There doesn’t need to be a stigma. It’s a resource for students who need financial help. I am stunned by the generosity of people.”

— Riccardo Prudenti, master’s degree candidate, landscape architecture

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