Promoting campus unity through teaching and understanding

How K-State’s multicultural center addresses racial injustices by bringing people together.

With the issue of racial injustice at the forefront of societies around the globe, colleges and universities across the U.S. are attempting to make students more aware of racial and social injustices that students face. Universities have committed to helping students raise their cultural competence and understanding of diversity and social justice issues by creating programs that specialize in emphasizing student awareness.

Kansas State University continues its commitment to combat racial injustices within the university. The Morris Family Multicultural Student Center will become a vital resource for all students as they navigate issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

“Multicultural centers exist for the purpose of supporting the holistic development of all students by acknowledging the legitimate contributions and celebration of their culture while embracing the cultures of their fellow students,” said Dr. Bryan Samuel, chief diversity and inclusion officer.  “The multicultural student center’s role is vital in helping the university create an environment in which all students have a sense of belonging and inclusion.”

“The value the university places on multiculturalism and its commitment to diversity and meeting the needs and interests of members of underserved populations is inseparable from the realization of a multicultural center. A multicultural center will provide services that are critical to the university’s ability to accomplish its land-grant mission in preparing all students to solve real world problems and make meaningful contributions throughout the state of Kansas and the world. Our students come from many backgrounds and are members of multiple communities simultaneously,” Samuel said.

The services the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center will provide are dedicated to not only helping all students, but also helping staff connect with people outside of their existing community and learn about the importance of diversity and moving all of K-State forward.

“Beyond assisting students as they navigate and negotiate their social identities, multicultural centers also provide opportunities for all faculty, staff and communities the university serves. In addition to addressing diversity issues during cultural weeks and celebrations, multicultural centers also afford faculty, staff and community members the ability to learn more about matters of diversity and inclusion and inform their work and support of students from all walks of life,” Samuel said.

The new Morris Family Multicultural Student Center at K-State has been funded completely through private donations. This center demonstrates K-State’s continued commitment to diversity and inclusion for all students and staff and is something that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on generations to come.

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