Sales savvy and giving spirit

K-State students excel in salesmanship, driving community impact to unprecedented levels.

Students in K-State’s Advanced Selling class demonstrated their prowess in salesmanship and philanthropy by raising more than $180,000 for scholarships and a cancer charity at their annual benefit auction.

Kansas State University’s National Strategic Selling Institute (NSSI) hosts the annual event with proceeds supporting student merit awards, scholarships and the nonprofit Coming Together for a Cure. The auction, organized entirely by students, features a diverse array of items and draws support from across the community.

“We’re thrilled to see our students excel not only in their sales abilities but also in their dedication to giving back,” said Dawn Deeter, director of NSSI. “Events like these not only prepare them for the competitive world of sales but also instill a spirit of generosity.”

The NSSI continues to be recognized as one of the top sales programs in the nation, offering students a unique blend of practical experience and academic rigor.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Ninja Sales Cat Award, recognizing the top performers in the advanced selling class.

Anders Runyan, a senior in professional strategic selling, earned top honors among his peers. “I’m honored to receive the Ninja Sales Cat Award,” said Runyan. “It’s a testament to the rigorous training and support we receive in the advanced selling course.”

The event also celebrated the success of Coming Together for a Cure, founded by a K-State graduate. It received $18,613 to advance its mission of supporting adults with life-threatening diseases.

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Written by: Lilly Majors

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