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JE Dunn gives to Project IMPACT and the JE Dunn Company Construction Science Scholarship in the name of equality and modernization for the construction industry.

The construction industry is an irreplaceable component of the American workforce. From buildings to landmarks to hospitals and schools, all these represent what the construction industry is responsible for creating. With new technology, as well as a nationwide commitment to creating diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce, JE Dunn has given a gift to Project IMPACT, as well as giving to their scholarships’ namesake in K-State’s construction science program.

“We hope that with these gifts JE Dunn can create opportunity and inclusion for the construction workers of the future, by providing them with new opportunities and modern ways to apply their craft,” said Nakisha Bausby, senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion manager. The gifts cover a wide variety of areas, but their two main focuses are diversifying the construction industry and creating a pipeline for new construction industry hopefuls to come into a more modernized industry.

“We at JE Dunn are committed to bringing new and diverse talent into the construction industry,” Bausby said. “Beyond these gifts and scholarships, we are creating on campus events along with several other recruitment innovations to bring a more modern feel to the construction industry.”

Along with these new recruitment techniques, JE Dunn hopes that these gifts will help diversify and refresh the construction industry, and they hope that the gifts can be used to also bridge any other diversity gaps that K-State faces universitywide.

“While the gifts come across as construction science based, we at JE Dunn hope that the gifts will be used to bridge any diversity gaps within K-State’s campus class offerings,” Bausby said. “We want these gifts to excite students about our industry while providing them with an opportunity to build and foster new relationships within our industry. We remain excited and committed to building a diverse pipeline of new talent that will be the backbone of our success for years to come.”

To learn more or to give to K-State visit: ksufoundation.org/online-giving/index.html

By James Dalton Burton

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