Carrying on the Inspiration

Professorship created to honor former political science professor Orma Linford, and to honor Bob and Diane Patrick’s legacy in public service.

Diane Patrick and her late husband, Bob, were both influenced by taking political science courses from Dr. Orma Linford. Linford held rigorous academic standards, founded the pre-law program and was a staunch defender of the Constitution. She was a civil rights and civil liberties advocate, counseling victims of civil rights infringements and racial and gender discrimination.

To Diane and Bob, she represented an empowered professor with the highest intellectual standards, who had the strength and will to counsel those who did not yet have their voice.  

“Dr. Linford was committed to ensuring that due process was in place for students who chose to demonstrate or engage in civil disobedience to voice their opinion on critical issues of the late 1960s such as civil rights and the Vietnam War,” Patrick said. 

The Linford-Patrick professorship in political science was made with the intent that the recipient of this award would reflect the teaching style that Dr. Linford possessed.

“It is my hope that this professorship will provide a beacon of progressive thought to help minority and underrepresented students at K-State find their voice and their paths to success in life and careers,” Patrick said. “I also hope it will provide a role model for students, much as Dr. Linford provided us.” 

“Dr. Linford’s example led both Bob and me toward careers of public service, where we felt we were on the principled side of the issue, helping ensure a healthy environment and working to empower disinvested communities,” Patrick said.

The Patricks’ accomplishments in life showed them the importance of an inspirational professor. Diane now looks toward the future with hopes of the same for someone else. 

“Dr. Linford was courageous and unafraid to stand on principle, and did so on many occasions,” Patrick said. “She led by example.”


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