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BNSF Railway gives generous gift to K-State’s Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering has a storied history of innovation, creation and success. A driving force behind the success of the college has been the countless gifts the college has received from many donors and corporations. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) is no exception to this long-standing support of the college.

“BNSF supports the College of Engineering and the work they do; we hope that with this gift we are able to continue to bring even more K-State graduates into BNSF and provide the college with the resources they need for continued success,” said Zak Andersen, president of the BNSF Railway Foundation. “BNSF has had a long history with K-State. Given this great history, along with the many great employees that have come to BNSF from K-State, continuing to support the College of Engineering was really a no-brainer.”

BNSF’s goal with this gift is to ensure that students will benefit the most through access to new resources and the ability to continue to create new and exciting things within the engineering world.

“BNSF hopes that this gift allows students to continue to create, imagine and innovate in the engineering space,” Andersen said. “Beyond that, BNSF hopes that this gift goes beyond the College of Engineering and can improve the already stellar quality of education and campus of K-State overall.”

BNSF envisions the lasting impact of this gift will be for K-State to continue to establish an already impressive legacy of quality education and student opportunity. “BNSF hopes this gift will have a lasting impact on K-State and will be yet another important building block on the university’s path to its already established greatness in innovation and excellence,” Andersen said.

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By James Dalton Burton

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