Investing in a unique program

Pamela and Alan Hunt create an excellence fund for bakery science and management program.

Family, inclusion and fun come to mind when Pamela Hunt thinks of Kansas State University. Her favorite K-State memories involve sports and friends. Pamela was inspired to create a fund by the many people who helped her along the way through scholarships and time. With a bachelor’s degree in food science and industry, as well as a master’s in grain science, the decision to focus this fund on bakery science and management was easy.

“Having worked in the food industry, primarily with baked products, I know there is a huge need for trained scientists that understand ingredient functionality and process,” Pamela said. “The K-State program is specifically suited for this.” 

Pamela and Alan hope to empower students to continue the tradition of bakery science. Because K-State is the only school in the country with this degree, Pamela has a vested interest in continuing the program.

“What better way to provide for the next generation than investing in their education with an institution which gave you an opportunity that translated into much success.”

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