Serving up hope

A student shops for fresh produce at Cats' Cupboard

A new, spacious K-State food pantry taps into a vital need for access to healthy and affordable food

Talk about an upgrade! What started six years ago as a modest set of shelves in Fairchild Hall’s basement is now a spacious store in a highly visible spot on campus.

When the new Cats’ Cupboard food pantry opened this fall, students lined up outside the building.

Why such a crowd? Nearly 40% of K-State students report not having enough food on a consistent basis to live a healthy, active life.

Cats’ Cupboard provides free food and essentials to students, faculty and staff, removing one barrier to success.

“Students come to K-State to better themselves and to better their lives,” said Shelly Williams, Morrison Family Director of Cats’ Cupboard. “They’re working hard, trying to focus on their classes, enjoying the culture and making those relationships that will enhance their lives both professionally and personally. They shouldn’t have to worry about not having enough to eat.”

You make a difference

The new facility, across from the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, was made possible by a lead gift from David and Tracy Lockton. A combination of grants and gifts from individuals and corporations keep the pantry’s shelves stocked.

The growth of Cats’ Cupboard is a testament to caring donors like you. But it’s also a sign of continuing need. The pantry accepts donations of food, kitchenware and money and appreciates volunteer help with stocking shelves and greeting shoppers.

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