KSU Foundation announces $152.6M in fundraising in fiscal year 2017

hilanthropic gifts and commitments to Kansas State University given through the Kansas State University Foundation totaled $152,680,585 for the  fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017. This year’s fundraising results mark fiscal year 2017 as the second most successful year in K-State history.

“2017 was an outstanding year for philanthropy for K-State, and we thank our generous donors for their commitment to K-State’s future,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of KSU Foundation. “As K-State’s strategic partner for philanthropy, KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance K-State. We are proud of what the K-State family has achieved through giving and the enormous impact it will have on the university.”

Of the $152.6 million raised in fiscal year 2017, donors gave 41 percent ($61.8 million) through endowed gifts, pledges and deferred gifts, which will ensure the long-term prosperity of the institution. In addition, fiscal year 2017 was punctuated by another important first: The value of the endowment pool surpassed $500 million in assets for the first time. As of June 30, 2017, the university’s endowment was valued at $506 million. Endowment growth is key to becoming a top 50 public research university by the year 2025.

“We are so thankful to our generous donors and their commitment to K-State and our 2025 vision,” said K-State President Richard B. Myers. “Gifts that support K-State’s endowment are essential to our continued ability to support students, faculty and research as a land-grant institution.”

Fiscal year 2017 was also noteworthy for the progress made in the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign for K-State. Total multiyear gifts and commitments for the campaign reached $1.03 billion. The campaign surpassed its original $1 billion fundraising goal in March — one year ahead of schedule — and was extended in April with a new goal of $1.4 billion by the year 2020.

Other key philanthropic achievements for the 2017 fiscal year included:

  • Thirty-one gifts and commitments of $1 million or more, the most $1-million gifts recorded in one year in KSU Foundation history.
  • Gift commitments through estate planning including wills, trusts and annuities, reached an all-time high of $57 million, up from $53.9 million in fiscal year 2016.
  • $61.8 million in endowed gifts and commitments, up from $56.6 million in fiscal year 2016. Endowed gifts create a legacy for the donor by providing long-term funding for the purpose they support, such as student scholarships, faculty chairs and professorships.
  • Total giving to K-State through KSU Foundation (since its founding in 1944) surpassed the $2 billion milestone in fiscal year 2017. The organization hit the $1 billion milestone just a decade ago, in 2007.

“The extraordinary philanthropic momentum we’ve experienced in the last decade says volumes about the K-State family’s commitment to the university’s future,” said Rand Berney, chairman of the KSU Foundation Board of Directors. “Fiscal year 2017 continued this trend of tremendous generosity, and we are grateful for donors who are the driving force behind the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign and K-State’s 2025 vision.”

“From raising private funds for the university and managing K-State’s endowment, to collaborating with the Manhattan community on economic development and strategic real estate opportunities, KSU Foundation is proud to be a progressive and highly effective partner to K-State,” said Willems.

Giving totals for Kansas counties fiscal year 2017, including county, number of donors and amount, are:

County# of donors Amount 
Allen                                  80$72,630
Anderson                               53$118,375
Atchison                               119$144,995
Barber                                 50$19,977
Barton                                 321$1,314,641
Bourbon                                57$275,682
Brown                                  160$190,661
Butler                                 545$1,448,743
Chase                                  47$7,915
Chautauqua                             14$1,315
Cherokee                               35$527,977
Cheyenne                               33$8,200
Clark                                  40$128,333
Clay                                   284$155,569
Cloud                                  146$154,773
Coffey                                 96$108,957
Comanche                               19$3,780
Cowley                                 183$112,372
Crawford                               108$40,584
Decatur                                45$20,525
Dickinson                              383$414,568
Doniphan                               90$83,945
Douglas                                555$2,905,011
Edwards                                38$24,830
Elk                                    13$3,600
Ellis                                  249$134,188
Ellsworth                              88$60,876
Finney                                 355$1,271,981
Ford                                   228$338,832
Franklin                               185$46,867
Geary                                  355$220,196
Gove                                   50$38,695
Graham                                 16$13,635
Grant                                  57$12,375
Gray                                   86$94,615
Greeley                                25$17,914
Greenwood                              80$30,621
Hamilton                               18$28,915
Harper                                 44$11,402
Harvey                                 336$350,699
Haskell                                49$23,820
Hodgeman                               35$13,619
Jackson                                156$55,988
Jefferson                              161$76,829
Jewell                                 66$43,455
Johnson                                6376$25,252,731
Kearny                                 27$76,975
Kingman                                73$42,166
Kiowa                                  31$38,641
Labette                                71$43,945
Lane                                   30$22,660
Leavenworth                            396$134,629
Lincoln                                66$20,950
Linn                                   28$3,904
Logan                                  31$57,670
Lyon                                   206$243,320
Marion                                 118$46,803
Marshall                               274$667,480
McPherson                              440$478,853
Meade                                  46$6,710
Miami                                  265$132,532
Mitchell                               181$298,719
Montgomery                             157$54,184
Morris                                 147$116,045
Morton                                 10$725
Nemaha                                 238$303,759
Neosho                                 85$141,595
Ness                                   49$151,848
Norton                                 46$58,668
Osage                                  139$204,857
Osborne                                58$8,250,355
Ottawa                                 109$97,918
Pawnee                                 85$86,274
Phillips                               89$95,270
Pottawatomie                           1031$1,133,051
Pratt                                  142$460,714
Rawlins                                40$5,570
Reno                                   510$286,459
Republic                               129$112,456
Rice                                   109$72,322
Riley                                  6404$17,543,898
Rooks                                  40$7,331
Rush                                   29$8,082
Russell                                81$39,190
Saline                                 1034$1,284,259
Scott                                  94$184,074
Sedgwick                               3017$7,693,548
Seward                                 63$52,119
Shawnee                                2052$2,103,303
Sheridan                               28$24,500
Sherman                                63$20,920
Smith                                  45$9,200
Stafford                               83$23,340
Stanton                                29$34,295
Stevens                                35$2,850
Sumner                                 153$102,028
Thomas                                 118$122,356
Trego                                  30$7,547
Wabaunsee                              186$64,858
Wallace                                36$4,415
Washington                             150$138,110
Wichita                                41$5,373
Wilson                                 44$33,033
Woodson                                21$11,663
Wyandotte                              351$194,437

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