KSU Foundation announces $174.2M in fundraising in fiscal year 2018 for Kansas State University

Philanthropic gifts and commitments to Kansas State University given through the Kansas State University Foundation totaled $174.2 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2018. This marks the second most successful year in the university’s fundraising history.

“2018 was an incredible year as generous K-State alumni and friends, university faculty and staff, and campus partners stepped up to boldly advance the university and move K-State closer to becoming a Top 50 public research university,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of KSU Foundation. “The K-State family can be proud of what we have achieved together to support students, faculty, facilities and programs in fiscal year 2018.”

Of the $174.2 million raised in fiscal year 2018, donors gave 61 percent — or $106 million — through endowed gifts, pledges and deferred gifts, which ensures the long-term prosperity of the university. In addition, the value of the university’s long-term investment pool grew to $539 million as of June 30, 2018. Endowment growth is key to becoming a Top 50 public research university by the year 2025, as it directly correlates to the university’s capacity to serve future generations of K-Staters.

“K-State is an education, innovation and service leader because of the commitment that generous alumni and friends make toward the university,” said Richard B. Myers, university president. “Every day, K-Staters demonstrate their confidence in the future of the university and its ability to achieve its mission as a land-grant institution to make quality education accessible to all.”

Other key philanthropic achievements for the 2018 fiscal year included:

• Private funds of $92.2 million were made directly available to campus for students, faculty, facilities and programs.

• One hundred seventy new scholarships were created, up from 124 in fiscal year 2017, and $37 million total gifts and commitments for scholarships and student success raised.

• Twenty-eight gifts and commitments of $1 million or more were made, totaling nearly $100 million.

• Gift commitments through estate planning, including wills, trusts and annuities, reached an all-time high of $61.2 million, up from $57 million in fiscal year 2017.

• Endowed gifts and commitments totaled $106 million, up from $61.8 million in fiscal year 2017. Endowed gifts create a legacy for the donor by providing long-term funding for the purpose they support, such as student scholarships, faculty chairs and professorships.

• Forty-three thousand alumni and friends gave to advance Kansas State University and over 20 percent of alumni gave to support the university, exceeding the national average of 5 percent of alumni who give to their alma maters.

• Cash, pledges and commitments of $1.2 billion had been raised as of June 30, 2018, toward the $1.4 billion Innovation and Inspiration Campaign goal.

“It’s been a great year for K-State philanthropy,” said Steve Lacy, chairman of the KSU Foundation board of directors. “The K-State family has acted with tremendous generosity in fiscal year 2018, and we are grateful that our donors and strategic collaborators are focused on making the university even more successful to meet the needs of a changing and global economy. Thanks to the hard work of so many, we are on the right track with the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign and K-State’s 2025 vision.”

Giving totals for Kansas counties in fiscal year 2018, including number of donors and amount by county:

CountyNo. of donors Amount
Allen                                  88$107,660.50
Anderson                               52$17,922.00
Atchison                               113$38,403.50
Barber                                 46$17,520.00
Barton                                 381$25,827,199.94
Bourbon                                48$11,780.00
Brown                                  179$170,784.69
Butler                                 536$505,170.84
Chase                                  51$8,617.19
Chautauqua                             17$2,125.00
Cherokee                               32$699,367.50
Cheyenne                               30$10,009.38
Clark                                  39$93,770.00
Clay                                   262$459,701.42
Cloud                                  142$175,212.06
Coffey                                  100$90,772.50
Comanche                               16$3,940.00
Cowley                                 167$116,863.50
Crawford                               113$59,586.00
Decatur                                44$22,372.00
Dickinson                              409$196,820.98
Doniphan                               98$60,738.03
Douglas                                530$347,461.52
Edwards                                32$21,730.00
Elk                                    15$3,840.00
Ellis                                  244$218,782.70
Ellsworth                              84$67,765.00
Finney                                 340$803,350.71
Ford                                   230$213,951.93
Franklin                               164$64,968.97
Geary                                  307$217,839.35
Gove                                   41$37,193.00
Graham                                 37$21,085.00
Grant                                  52$9,120.00
Gray                                   75$88,158.56
Greeley                                24$17,583.82
Greenwood                              81$27,911.00
Hamilton                               23$12,217.50
Harper                                 35$12,660.00
Harvey                                 330$278,859.57
Haskell                                54$17,745.00
Hodgeman                               28$11,580.00
Jackson                                178$790,900.40
Jefferson                              160$60,564.69
Jewell                                 63$22,914.38
Johnson                                6,222$10,150,509.55
Kearny                                 35$76,565.00
Kingman                                75$24,490.68
Kiowa                                  20$11,495.69
Labette                                68$128,902.50
Lane                                   55$29,310.00
Leavenworth                            382$116,251.76
Lincoln                                55$104,725.00
Linn                                   28$3,770.00
Logan                                  28$27,640.00
Lyon                                   193$264,861.98
Marion                                 105$27,910.38
Marshall                               259$593,360.66
McPherson                              454$247,247.88
Meade                                  43$6,442.19
Miami                                   252$154,077.08
Mitchell                               162$217,916.06
Montgomery                             128$45,222.19
Morris                                 146$389,966.00
Morton                                 12$805.00
Nemaha                                 236$316,185.98
Neosho                                 64$46,980.00
Ness                                   55$199,076.48
Norton                                 47$115,050.63
Osage                                  145$238,984.48
Osborne                                57$65,891.89
Ottawa                                 106$449,917.82
Pawnee                                 85$85,919.38
Phillips                               98$30,342.19
Pottawatomie                           1,026$942,564.23
Pratt                                  146$794,284.69
Rawlins                                34$6,062.50
Reno                                   540$646,786.93
Republic                               125$147,559.38
Rice                                   103$162,632.00
Riley                                  5,700$17,645,147.99
Rooks                                  51$12,427.19
Rush                                   29$8,602.50
Russell                                76$50,254.89
Saline                                 963$1,014,118.83
Scott                                  108$178,776.44
Sedgwick                               2,988$5,575,915.02
Seward                                 58$57,335.00
Shawnee                                2,124$5,673,297.46
Sheridan                               29$11,680.00
Sherman                                48$28,585.00
Smith                                  43$87,985.00
Stafford                               65$50,617.44
Stanton                                22$3,216.00
Stevens                                29$3,255.00
Sumner                                 142$69,697.00
Thomas                                 105$91,551.24
Trego                                  29$25,853.40
Wabaunsee                              176$222,013.92
Wallace                                29$5,575.00
Washington                             140$91,240.00
Wichita                                35$6,245.00
Wilson                                 36$33,197.19
Woodson                                17$3,485.00
Wyandotte                              329$85,939.36
 TOTALS: 31,050$79,970,239.18

As Kansas State University’s strategic partner for philanthropy, the KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance K-State family. The foundation is leading Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University to raise $1.4 billion for student success, faculty development, facility enhancement and programmatic success. 

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