KSU Foundation Board of Trustees

Who are trustees? They’re K-State’s premier advocates, ambassadors and investors. If you’re passionate about K-State, becoming a trustee is a great way to contribute to its long-term success.

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Number of years trustees have helped to advance K-State.


Members of the Board of Trustees.

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Given by trustees in fiscal year 2023. That’s over 25% of the dollars raised that year.

What roles do the trustees play?

president richard linton speaking at board of trustees meeting


  • Be involved in the foundation and university through service to the colleges, engagement with students and volunteer opportunities.
  • Lend assistance in legislative matters that may impact the KSU Foundation and university.
  • Receive early access to university news and information about key initiatives.
  • By attending meetings twice a year.
FY24 trustee map
KSU Foundation Trustees live across the United States and represent every college at K-State.


  • Serve as an ambassador on the foundation’s behalf at key events, with your network of friends and through social media.
  • Help identify and recruit new donors and trustees.
  • Create connections and build bridges between your sphere of influence and the university.
  • Help diversify the trustee membership so it reflects K-State’s alumni base.
trustee mentor and mentee


  • Keep K-State among your top philanthropic priorities, generously supporting your areas of interest.
  • Consider including the university in your estate plan.
  • Promote a culture of philanthropy by mentoring a K-State Student Foundation member.

Trustee Excellence Fund

As part of their commitment to the advancement of the university, trustees contribute to the Trustee Excellence fund (TEF). The TEF is used to seed-fund projects or programs that are either an emerging opportunity for growth or are addressing a student or campus need.

Featured stories

Medal of Excellence

At the spring KSU Foundation Board of Trustees meeting, trustees Rand and Patti Berney, Ponce Inlet, Florida, were awarded the Kansas State University Medal of Excellence, which recognizes those who have advanced K-State through exceptional service, leadership and philanthropic contributions

patti and rand berney

Board of Trustees meeting highlights

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