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Invest in the academic heart of K-State, where students gain critical-thinking skills, explore the arts and discover what brings us all together as a society.

College of Arts and Sciences

The future of arts and sciences

Every K-State student takes classes in the College of Arts and Sciences, where they learn to communicate effectively, analyze data, explore humanity and dip into their artistic side. The sciences, arts and humanities form a foundation of knowledge to build upon.

Building a solid foundation

From the natural and hard sciences to the humanities to art, we explore what brings people together, what makes us unique and how to build on our knowledge and skills to make the world a better place for all.

We’re changing printmaking for the entire planet. K-State’s interdisciplinary project to create beautiful art — without the toxic chemicals prevalent in traditional printmaking — wins a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

Our college provides the knowledge base everyone needs to succeed — from understanding how our world functions, both physically and culturally, to how we express ourselves through art, music and theater. Our students gain hands-on experience in research or production of their craft. They analyze data, speak different languages, delve into history and explore philosophy’s deepest questions.

Donor support provides the resources students need to become leaders in whatever they pursue. If you want to maximize your impact, there’s no academic unit that touches as many students.

You can make a difference by investing in:

  • Facilities and equipment necessary to provide students the tools and opportunities to advance their education
  • Faculty scholars who train the next generation of leaders and model effective practices
  • Scholarship support to keep these vital fields accessible to people from all backgrounds
  • Student learning, field experiences, support programs and career advising that make our grads the best they can be

Field of opportunity

Many K-Staters have enjoyed a hike on the Konza Prairie nature trail or admired the breathtaking view from Coach Bill Snyder Highway. But the Konza Prairie Biological Station has a rich scientific foundation that benefits not only K-State students and faculty, but also researchers from around the world.

An Alaskan math major, Amir Williams, makes the most of her college experience, thanks to a scholarship that allowed her to stay at K-State.

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