Inspired by sacrifice

New scholarship honors wounded warriors at K-State.

It’s often a point of pride when families can trace their lineage to military veterans.

For Corey Van Otegham, an Iowa native completing a master’s of agribusiness at a distance through K-State Global Campus, that family history inspired him to join the Iowa Army National Guard.

More than 1,000 miles away, Houston residents Sam and Janet Peppiatt were inspired by their own family history to create a scholarship supporting wounded military veterans studying at K-State.

“I remember the sacrifices made by numerous uncles and cousins of mine during World War II and the Korean War, who lacked the means and support to improve their livelihood upon returning home to civilian life,” Sam Peppiatt said. “The obvious need to support some of our returning veterans and families is here again, as it was back then.”

Van Otegham, the first recipient of the Peppiatts’ Wounded Warrior Scholarship, couldn’t agree more.

“Many veterans who have served in combat zones have to carry the physical and mental burdens of war for many years,” said Van Otegham, who was injured during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. “It’s important to give veterans opportunities early following their service, so they have the skill set and tools necessary to continue their success, but now as civilians.”

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