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Digital textbook helps student find success in Chemistry I and II

As technology has developed, learning has expanded beyond the walls of a classroom; progressing from information printed in a book to information accessible from the phone in your hand.

Ivan Bueso-Interiano, senior in animal science, was able to experience the benefits of this evolution when he used a digital textbook for Chemistry I and II at Kansas State University. 

“The digital textbook really caters to us as students because the class is structured around the digital textbook. Dr. Yasmin Patell used the digital textbook to include different in-class worksheets, clicker quiz questions, problem-solving activities in her notes and anything else she thought would help us prepare for exams. Having those resources to better understand chemistry was really cool,” Bueso said. 

The K-State chemistry department created the digital textbook by participating in the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative, also known as Textbooks 2.0. This grant program provides funding for K-State faculty and instructors to develop an affordable alternative to traditional print textbooks.

For Chemistry I, the traditional print textbook used before the creation of the digital textbook cost around $200 for each student. Now students have access to the materials for both Chemistry I and II in one central location on whatever device they choose for $10.

In addition to the savings, Bueso said the portability of the digital textbook was a major benefit because it helped him find the answers to his questions when Dr. Patell wasn’t available.

“The digital textbook was amazing because it’s portable; you can have it on your tablet, phone or laptop, so it’s something you can always look back to,” Bueso said. “Sometimes I didn’t understand some of the things in lecture and I needed more background information, but the digital textbook had the tools to help find the answers I needed.” 

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