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For years, Good for K-State magazine has had a simple mission: To show the impact of philanthropy at K-State.

We’ve brought you hundreds of stories demonstrating how the generosity of donors has changed the lives of K-Staters. We’ve introduced you to the students, faculty and staff who have benefited, spaces that have been transformed and programs that have flourished thanks to philanthropic investment.

Rarely have we focused solely on the people behind the generosity. So, in this issue, we’re trying something new. In the following pages, you will get to know some K-Staters and the story behind their gifts. Each one of these K-Staters have their own “why” — their own personal journey that led them to make the decision to give back.

We hope you are inspired by their stories and can see yourself in their footsteps.

Charlie and Debbie Morrison give to improve student wellness.
Jenika Hazelbaker gives to help her fellow students.
Lynn Lin gives to honor those who helped him succeed.
Suzie Schultz gives to help educators make an impact.
Abdul and Alicia Yahaya give to create change.

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