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Brian Paulson established his Ice Family Scholarship as a meaningful way to contribute to current and future students in the College of Engineering.

Brian Paulson has come a long way from the rural Chapman, Kansas, public schools of his earliest education. He credits teachers and family who drove him — a first-generation college student — toward his highest potential. Thanks to the professional foundation he built as an engineering technology student at Kansas State University, Brian has worked and traveled across the globe on behalf of some of the most recognizable corporations in the industry.

He often returns to campus to mentor students, serve as a KSU Foundation trustee, to meet with lifelong friends and to cheer on the Cats. Recently, he established an Ice Family Scholarship to benefit current and future students in the College of Engineering.

“Carl and Mary Ice inspired me by setting up a 100 percent match fund to invest directly into students,” Brian said. “What better investment is there than in education?”

Family is important to Brian and he credits his father, a manufacturing manager, and the K-State family in inspiring his professional success.

“My dad helped drive my schooling; he wanted me to have the opportunity to go further than he did,” Brian said. “K-State family has also played a very significant part in my life and I wanted to find a meaningful way to support the future success of the university. The Ice Family Scholarship match fund provided that meaningful opportunity for me to reinvest in K-State.”

New gifts of $30,000 are matched with $30,000 from the seed fund, for a total gift of $60,000. $10,000 goes into an expendable fund, making $2,000 scholarships available to be awarded to students immediately. The remaining $50,000 goes into the endowment, ensuring future generations of Wildcats will receive scholarships as well.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of matching opportunities through the K-State Family Scholarship Program here.

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