Developing Leadership

Responding to industry needs, CEO invests in leadership development at K-State.

Tim Chadwick worked his way up to CEO in the construction services industry after his Kansas State University education helped launch his career, but he always wished he had experienced more formal training in leadership.

“The leadership skills I have were grown naturally,” he said. “My career is no longer just about math and science, or bricks and sticks on the jobsite, it’s about motivating and leading people to perform our business. Leadership studies will help those who follow to make this transition better than I have.”

Through gifts in their estate plan, Chadwick and his wife Cindy will support formal leadership training for future K-State students. They chose to designate gifts toward excellence funding for K-State’s construction science and management program and the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies. Their investment also supports the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign to advance K-State and the College of Engineering.

Because these gifts will be available after their lifetime, the Chadwicks chose excellence funds to allow future program leaders the flexibility to fund emerging opportunities and priority needs. 

“It’s giving the decision-making of what to do with the funds to the people who see and are closet to the needs, and the needs will change over time, we hope,” Chadwick said.

MMC Corp, an employee-owned national construction services company where Chadwick serves as CEO, is focusing on leadership development as part of its talent development program and long-term strategic planning.

“I’m excited that K-State is recognizing this need in the industry,” he said. “When it’s time for me to pass the baton to the next generation of employee-owners at MMC Corp, we’ve got to have strong leaders who are ready, and I want people to be more ready than I was when I started.”

Read more about how your gift can support the College of Engineering and advance the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign.

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