Giving back the Wildcat way

Bruce and Nancy Peters created funds for the chemistry and finance departments.

The title “Purple People” may not be common, but for Bruce and Nancy Peters, that name represents their love for their alma mater, Kansas State University.

Bruce, 1969 K-State graduate in finance and retired U.S. Air Force officer, and spouse, Nancy, 1972 K-State graduate in chemistry, created scholarships for the K-State Department of Chemistry and the Department of Finance.

“There are so many charities to contribute to, but how can you top giving a young person some help getting started with their life and career?” Bruce said. “We have always been obnoxiously strong K-State fans, and a scholarship seems like a great way to give back to a great school.” 

The finance scholarship is named after Bruce’s father, Earl, whose dedication to the Security State Bank in Wellington, Kansas, played a large role in his decision to pursue a college education at K-State. 

“He was a customer-oriented, friendly-to-everyone guy and a great ‘everyday Kansan’ role model for many,” Bruce said. “He did not direct me to go to K-State; he inspired me to.”

In addition to Bruce’s story, Nancy said her experience as one of the few females studying chemistry made them want to give back to help current and future K-State students. 

“We were fortunate that our parents could provide significant money for college to which we were able to add income from summer jobs and an Air Force ROTC scholarship,” Nancy said. “We know that not everyone comes from an economic situation where that is possible, so we hope the scholarships will help students at K-State get an education they can use to launch a lifetime career.”

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