A gift of appreciation

The Carnricks show their gratitude to K-State through a gift to the Division of Biology.

A chance meeting in Aggieville during September of 1970 brought Glen and Sara Carnrick together. Glen was starting his junior year in pre-veterinary medicine, and Sara was an incoming freshman at Kansas State University. The couple quickly fell in love and stayed together throughout their college years.

After graduation, Glen and Sara moved back to Glen’s home state of Connecticut to start what was then the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Although they were far away from the small town of Manhattan, Kansas, the Carnricks never forgot the love and appreciation they felt in their hearts for K-State.

Looking back on the successful life they created, the Carnricks often asked themselves the question: “How do we thank a university that brought us together, gave us life-long memories, as well as the education, experience and skill sets necessary to be successful in the world?”

The Carnricks found a solution to this dilemma through the help of the Kansas State University Foundation. The couple created an endowment through a charitable gift annuity to help support K-State and its needs. The gift will assist the College of Arts and Sciences and the Division of Biology in promoting environmental protection, habitat preservation and wildlife research.

“As years passed and our financial security grew, our desire to give to K-State also grew,” said Glen and Sara Carnrick. “We found that it is in fact very easy to show our eternal gratitude in a way that benefits both K-State and us.”

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