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Six Department of Kinesiology faculty create a scholarship for their students with matching funds.

Demonstrating enormous commitment to their students and department, six faculty members of the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Human Ecology have used matching funds to create a scholarships for kinesiology students.

Recently, Carl and Mary Ice provided matching funds to inspire others to invest in students in the College of Human Ecology, which was just the incentive these faculty needed.

“We have been working for a while as a department on ways to increase our scholarships,” said Dr. Craig Harms, professor and head of the Department of Kinesiology. “When this opportunity came about, we were very excited about what this could mean for our students. I approached the senior members of the faculty about this scholarship to gauge interest; there was immediate support and commitment.”

With the K-State Family Scholarship Program, new gifts of $30,000 are matched with $30,000 from the seed fund provided by Carl and Mary Ice, for a total of $60,000. $10,000 goes into an expendable fund, making $2,000 scholarships available to be awarded to students immediately. The remaining $50,000 goes into the endowment, ensuring future generations of Wildcats will receive scholarships as well.

The six faculty members who each contributed $5,000 to this new scholarship are Dr. John Buckwalter, Dr. Craig Harms, Dr. Thomas Barstow, Dr. Timothy Musch, Dr. David C. Poole and Dr. Bradley Behnke.

“Having the Ices’ matching funds was a big factor in our ability to do this,” said John Buckwalter, dean of the College of Human Ecology. “It made the modest contribution that each of us could make more impactful. The kinesiology department has a very limited scholarship monies available for our students, yet it’s the third-largest major on campus with a lot of deserving students. This gift helps us make a difference for our truly outstanding students.”

“The most impressive and unique aspect of this scholarship is the level of commitment and belief that these faculty have in our students, our department and Kansas State University,” Harms said. “We know our students appreciate our belief in them and our desire to give back. Our students have truly distinguished themselves academically and in the research laboratories.  We hope other donors recognize this level of commitment by our faculty and will join us.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of matching opportunities through the K-State Family Scholarship Program at, or contact John Morris, senior vice president of development, by email or 785-532-7587

The K-State Family Scholarship Program supports Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University, raising 1.4 billion in support of K-State students, faculty and programs.

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