Influencing Students

Marieta Francis is influencing students to change the world.

Marieta Francis was the first in her family to attend Kansas State University. After graduating with a degree from the College of Human Ecology, she found her passion for human and environmental health advocacy.

For 13 years, Francis worked at Algalita Marine Research and Education as director of operations and later as executive director. This nonprofit organization conducts research and creates educational programming focused on human and environmental health as it relates to the effects of plastic pollution.

“I am deeply concerned about this problem and feel that environmental impacts are an important part of our lives that need to be studied for many years to come,” Francis said.

Throughout her career at Algalita, Francis realized that the research she was conducting related directly back to her education in the College of Human Ecology. She wanted to ensure that students would have the same opportunity she did to attend K-State and study subjects related to human health and nutrition.  

Francis was motivated to establish the Health and Environment Scholarship in Human Ecology because she believes that the solutions to many of the world’s problems lie within the minds of current and future students.

“Philanthropy has been a part of my life for 13 years, and because of that I have learned that helping fund students’ education is the key to our future,” Francis said.

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