K-State parents honored through scholarship

The children of Roy and Miriam Milleret create a scholarship to support science students.

Roy and Miriam Milleret were both loyal Wildcats, first as students, then as faculty and staff of Kansas State University. To honor this commitment, their daughter Margo Milleret, son Grant Milleret and daughter-in-law Toni Milleret created the Milleret Family Science Scholarship to be awarded to a College of Arts and Sciences student at K-State.

Roy received his doctorate of veterinary medicine from K-State in 1944. He returned to K-State and the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1958 as master’s student and then faculty member in pathology. Miriam received her bachelor’s degree from K-State in 1947 and her certificate in physical therapy from the Mayo Clinic in 1948. She was a physical therapist at the former Memorial Hospital, then served as a pre-health advisor in the dean’s office in the College of Arts and Sciences at K-State.

“We wanted to support students pursuing science because science was key to our parents’ lives,” Margo said. “By putting this scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences, we can support students who are determining where they will go, be it veterinary medicine or physical therapy as our parents did, or some other science-based career. This is a recurring scholarship, so as long as students maintain their standing, it will be there to support them. Students need that consistent support.”

The Milleret family invites others who may have fond memories of Miriam and Roy Milleret to contribute to this fund as a way to honor them and support students pursuing science-based careers. To make a gift, click here and put in fund number Q79567, or contact Frank Cummings via email or at 785-775-2074.

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