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Margaret Bridgwater ’81, uses matching funds to donate to the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering in memory of her late husband, Jeff Bridgwater ’81.

For Margaret Bridgwater, 1981 Kansas State University graduate in journalism and mass communications, finding a way to honor her late husband, Jeff Bridgwater, 1981 K-State graduate in mechanical engineering, was a top priority.

Margaret said she found the K-State Family Scholarship match program and didn’t have to look any further.

With the K-State Family Scholarship Program, new gifts of $30,000 are matched with $30,000 from the seed fund provided by Mary Vanier, for a total of $60,000. $10,000 goes into an expendable fund, making $2,000 scholarships available to be awarded to students immediately. The remaining $50,000 goes into the endowment, ensuring future generations of Wildcats will receive scholarships as well.

There isn’t a better way to honor someone, especially a loved one, than by giving back to your university. A scholarship is a way I can help another student find success in life,” Margaret said.

Jeff attended K-State for two and a half years, and Margaret said the College of Engineering made a large impact on his life.

“He really enjoyed his time with his professors and expanding his knowledge. Many of the large oil and gas companies recruited students from KSU because of its great engineering reputation,” Margaret said.

During his time at K-State, Jeff worked at the job recruitment center on campus and as a tutor for the K-State football team.

Before Jeff passed, Margaret said they were able to attend many K-State football games as a family. Jeff also saw the College of Engineering building renovations, which Margaret said was special for him.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of matching opportunities through the K-State Family Scholarship Program here.

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