Support the Pride of Wildcat Land!

Drummers strike the cadence, notes ring out. The crowd jumps to their feet, clapping along. We all know that feeling of joy and excitement when the K-State marching band — The Pride of Wildcat Land — begins to play.

For nearly as long as Kansas State University has existed, there’s been a band. Since its humble beginnings in 1887 with just 15 students, to the more than 400-member band of today, the K-State marching band has been an integral part of the K-State experience. Students from every college on campus participate in the marching band. On top of their rigorous studies, these students spend approximately 25 hours per week practicing and performing, not including the time spent at pep rallies and other events. The product of that hard work is displayed at every home football game when the marching band puts on outstanding halftime performances and keeps the student section fired up.

Those of us fortunate enough to experience The Pride of Wildcat Land in person know how outstanding our band is. Recently, the band received national recognition for their excellence. In December 2014, the band received the Sudler Trophy from the John Philip Sousa Foundation, which is given every two years to a college or university marching band that has demonstrated the highest musical standards and innovative marching routines and ideas for several years. This success is even more impressive when you realize that the K-State marching band budget is far below other notable national band programs, many of which have budgets five times larger. With your help, we can close that gap and help ensure the band’s continued success.

How you can help

Your support of the K-State Marching Band makes a difference, especially for it’s hard-working student members. There are two scholarship funds that directly support members of the K-State Marching Band:

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Dr. Frank Tracz Marching Band Scholarship

K-State Marching Scholars Fund

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