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Why give to international programs? Supporting students on life-changing study abroad trips or welcoming incoming international scholars are solid ways Kansas State University changes the world for good.

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A world of ideas

New places and faces mean exposure to new cultures and appreciation for the home we have at K-State. We learn that we have more in common than our differences and our communities benefit from cross-cultural friendships and encounters — important also when international experiences become priority requirements for many hiring managers across the state and the globe.

Where your gifts change the world

Experience is our greatest teacher. The experience of studying abroad prepares K-State students to outpace their peers with confidence earned while navigating the London Underground or conducting agricultural research in Nicaragua to ultimately serve hungry people at home and around the world.

  • Student scholarships. Students return from study abroad experiences changed forever: as global citizens equipped to stand out academically and professionally. Scholarships also draw international students to K-State, and the university benefits from millions of dollars paid through international student tuition that helps keep domestic tuition rates affordable.
  • Faculty support. Outstanding faculty from dozens of countries bring new and advanced knowledge with them to K-State and inspire innovations Kansans — and the world — need. To continue to attract internationally renowned faculty and serve our land-grant mission, it’s essential to fund development grants and finance international collaboration.
  • Program support. A part of offering study abroad opportunities is to cultivate relationships with our international alumni and build networking opportunities to benefit K-State’s land-grant mission and alumni while improving our ability to give students ways to work, study and research at universities across the world.

Campus initiatives supported by International Programs

  • Education Abroad
  • English Language Program
  • International Student and Scholar Services
  • Special programs and sponsored students
  • International faculty collaborations

Private: Expanding horizons

K-State’s Education Abroad program empowers students to step out of their comfort zone, deal with uncertainty and navigate cultural differences.

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